Are Exercise Bootcamps Worth It?

Are Exercise Bootcamps Worth It?

Recently, fitness boot camps have become a trend. They are everywhere; you can find them at your local park, local gym, and virtually everywhere if you make your findings properly. Fitness boot camps could be a small group of individuals doing drills, pushups, jogging or jumping. The main idea behind this is to build strength by involving in several workouts. The boot camp idea originated in the United States with the marines and army. They invented running boot camps for their soldiers. After this, the practice began to spread out, with several personal and gym instructors producing their boot camps for their clients. Boot camps are worth it. Here are some of the benefits of signing up for a boot camp.

Benefits Of Joining A Boot Camp

• Motivational

Honestly, working out is not as easy as said. When you workout alone, you give up at some point and may not achieve your goal. With an instructor and several participants at the boot camp, you will get motivated to move on. Thereby reaching your target, in some cases, you might beat your expectation.

• Burn calories easily

Boot camps are quite fast-paced. So participants always end up burning more calories within a short time. In each session you participate in, you are sure to burn a good amount of calories.

• Affordable

Booking a personal fitness instructor is more expensive than signing up for a boot camp within your environment. It is more recommended to share a personal trainer as a group so that every participant will pay a discounted rate.

• Portable

It is portable because so many of the exercises done at boot camps can be done anywhere. You don’t need special equipment to get any of the exercises done. So you end up building your body healthily without spending extra. This is one of the best reasons for registering with a boot camp.

Factors To Check Out Before Signing Up With A Fitness Boot Camp

Of course, you don’t want to end up paying for what you may not benefit from. Here are some of the quality factors to check out before you enrol with a boot camp.

Medical clearance: No matter how professional an instructor is, he should question you to know your present medical condition. It is unprofessional to get people in for boot camps without having them fit medically.

Safety: They should request your fitness certificate before you join. Having people join without knowing their fitness status is dangerous; it might lead to severe injury, which could be a disaster to the participant and the boot camp instructor.

Warm-up & Cooling down: A professional fitness boot camp instructor should always begin with warm-up exercises, and at the end of the whole activity, give some cool-down exercises. This will make sure the participants do not sustain internal injuries during and after exercising.

Exercise Modification: There are different stages and difficult levels of some exercises. So the instructor should know when to modify the exercises; either by taking it to the difficulty level or bring it down to a simpler level. They should be able to accommodate beginners and groom them till they can join the advanced class.


Fitness boot camps are worth it. It is an opportunity and a place where you can boost your body confidence and strength. Look around you, or ask for referrals to join a boot camp. However, don’t forget to make a thorough inquiry before signing up for your advantage. For more help or to join one of our bootcamps… Check out our home page here