Day in the life of a residential weight loss boot camp camper

Day in the life of a residential weight loss boot camp camper

Let’s start at the very beginning – it’s a very good place to start.

Its 6.00am on a Saturday morning and I’m standing in a queue nervously waiting to be weighed and measured to start the beginning of my journey at a residential weight loss camp called Team Bootcamp. The queue slowly whittles down and I get my turn on the scales…….. then its all over the bell rings and we are rushing to put on trainers and fill up our water bottles to the brim, funnelling outside to stand on parade and start the roll call for the first session – its now 7am!


Day in the life of a residential weight loss boot camp camper

By 7.15am we’ve walked down to the infamous wishbone that everyone keeps mentioning (it’s a tarmac public footpath through the local farmer’s fields) and we begin the warm-up! Jogging, star jumping and squatting till everyone is just a puddle of sweat…. I’m a mix of emotions, its enjoyable, terrifying and hard all at them same time. But wait the best move is yet to come. We are about to learn the dreaded BURPEE – basically you throw yourself onto the floor in a press up position and then joyously bounce back up in a jump with a clap above your head, at least that’s how the trainer demonstrated it. I on the other hand dropped to the floor less than graciously and slowly crawl back up into a standing position. This is gonna take some work!

After a few more burpees and running to various trees and telephone poles we head back for breakfast. Session 1 is done – now FEED ME! Breakfast is a delicious bowl of fruit and berries topped off with coconut cream; there are also copious amounts of black coffee – HEAVEN! I fall onto the sofa just in time to hear the bell ring for session 2, lets see what they throw at us ey?!

battle-rope-boot-campSession 2 is a bountiful harvest of tyre flips, battle ropes, barrel carrying and yes you guessed it, burpees! My knees hurt, my arms hurt, my body hurts but I AM LOVING IT! Everyone is rooting for each other to finish the sessions, the motivational support is overwhelming. Session 2 finished. I’ve already demolished our snack of a handful of almonds and half an apple.

Onto session 3, it’s an intense HIIT class, turns out this is my favourite. Just go absolutely mental for about 20-30mins and then collapse in a heap! Of course there’s far more involved than that but I’m here for a while so we’ll get into that later…. The morning finishes with a boxing circuit!

Afternoon Fitness Bootcamp Sessions

Lunch is served at 1.30pm its an amazing beef curry with cauliflower rice  – I’m full, I’m tired and ready to see what’s happening next!!!

Team Event keeps us moving with a hilarious game of kick tennis. Basically two teams kick a rugby ball over a net and try to catch it, if you don’t you are out!

fun-bootcamp-gamesWho knew hardly anyone can kick let alone catch (including oneself) which just made it one of the funniest belly laughing hours of mine for YEARS!

My first day at the residential weight loss camp has flown past, the day finished with another snack – hell yeah we got chicken wings! Then time was spent stretching out all of the camper’s sore, aching bodies before we all traipsed off to shower and become real humans again before a delicious dinner of chicken and green veggies.

Its only day one and I may be deliriously exhausted and ache beyond belief but I’ve never felt better knowing that I’ve finally found a place that may just help to push me to achieve what I want.

Stay tuned, peace out xoxox

By the way… here’s an old ‘Day in the life video from Lucy…’

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