Reading Running Coach Simon Dicks | REVIEW

Running Coach Simon Dicks

This week, I want to talk about my experience running with a professional running coach, Simon Dicks in Reading. Hiring a running coach is a fantastic way to stay motivated, improve your fitness and reach your running goals in addition to boot camps. A good coach will tailoring each session to suit your individual needs, personality and preferences.

Learning to run has never been easier! Whether you’re a complete beginner, an elite athlete, or somewhere in between.

Benefits include:

  • Running coaching tailored precisely to your needs
  • Guaranteed accountability, motivation and inspiration
  • Improved fitness levels & weight management
  • Increased fun through the great company!

Break The Myth

Many people think running coaches need to train at elite levels, but this is not true! They come in all shapes and sizes, from Olympians to park runners.

If you are a beginner, then you will most likely find a running coach who is qualified or that has experience working with new runners.

I think there is real benefit from hiring a local coach and having sessions in person. Yes, you may be able to get virtual coaching for less, but sometimes there is no substitute from 1-2-1, face-to-face sessions. I signed up to a 6 session package and have seen a drastic improvement in all aspects of my run training from adherence to pace and reduced injury risk.

Coach and student running together

Checklist For The Running Coach

You must know what your Reading running coach qualifications are and experience is. I knew Simon had competed in some of the biggest ultramarathons in the world and had a proven track record with his clients.

Why Should You Hire A Running Coach Reading?

If you have been struggling to beat your personal bests, then hiring a running coach may be an excellent option for you.

A running coach can help you improve by adjusting your training plan so it’s more specific and individualised, depending on your current fitness level and goals. They can also help you by monitoring your training regime to make sure the intensity of activities is appropriate for where you are in your training cycle, or they can work on exercises for strengthening muscles if they find that these specific areas need improvement.

Top 5 tips for finding a running coach

The right running coach can be an invaluable asset to your training.

You may wonder whether it is worth the cost, but a good coach will save you time and frustration during training as they can reduce injuries, improve running form and motivation.

If you want to take your running further, here are five tips for finding a qualified coach:

  • Ask friends or family with similar goals.
  • Search for certified coaches online. I searched “Running Coach Reading” to find Simon,
  • Find out if the coach has worked with other people at your level. As a bonus tip, check out their Google & Facebook reviews.
  • Ask about their coaching methods and past successes.
  • Express your goals to the coach in detail.
  • Generally get a feel for whether you could work with them or not.